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An Exciting Gulet cruise from Split to Dubrovnik

Day 1: On Saturday we start out from SPLIT to MILNA, BRAČ

Traveller boarding begins at 5 PM. Once you have settled down, you can mingle with other guests and the crew on board the ship and enjoy the customary welcome drink. After a brief orientation, we will stop at Milna, where you will enjoy the first night aboard with dinner being served. Milna is a compact village on the western part of the island situated in an organic dock with an alluring flamboyant structure and natural, authentic beauties. Dating back to the 16th century, it was also famous for its shipbuilding in which the first standard Dalmatian vessel "bracera" was created.

Day 2: On Sunday we continue from BRAČ to VIS

milna brac

After the morning meal, we will cruise to Vis - the farthest islet of the main Dalmatian archipelago. It is primarily prominent for its ethnic and traditional customs, moreso for its organic splendour. Moreover, the Greek author Agatharchides in his write up glorified wines from Vis as the best among the rest when compared to various other kinds he had tasted. Their most native wine is undoubtedly Vugava, which is available in various restaurants and also cellars all over the islet . Vis is usually termed as "the prohibited islands" throughout the prevailing period. It had been the centre of Yugoslav navy; therefore, access was not given to travellers. To this day, there are several secret caverns all over the islet that confirm t this reality . A number of them have become places of interest, while others are run by the Croatian navy . We will stay in Vis till the next day.

Day 3: On Monday we go from VIS to HVAR

After we have eaten breakfast, we carry on with our journey towards Pakleni Islands, which is exclusive and the most identifiable natural splendour of the island of Hvar. Lunch would be offered aboard in the afternoon or in the evening (based on your demand), and a transfer by tender will be put together to the city of Hvar. When you wish to return to the boat, you will call the captain, and he will consequently send the tender to pick you up. Hvar is an attractive, bureaucratic and also ethnic centre of the island. It is generally famous for its crazy night life and several exclusive bars and resorts in which a lot of stars have previously enjoyed themselves (Prince Harry, E. Longoria, Beyoncé). However, in addition to that, Hvar is also well recognized for its vibrant ethnic and traditional customs and it would be a wonderful delight for visitors of all age brackets. We 'll pass the night at the dock.

Day 4: On Tuesday we sail from HVAR to KORČULA

We will be cruising to the islet of Korčula and the home town of a renowned traveller-writer and adventurer Marco Polo - the town of Korčula . On our journey there, we shall be taking a break for a bath and stay behind till the next morning in this prominent vacation spot of south Adriatic. You can enjoy the rest of the evening strolling through this lovely Dalmatian pearl or having fun in all the gastro offerings in various eateries. Korčula was first of all talked about at the beginning of the 10th century in records of Byzantine historians under the term "Stone Town" . It thrived under the Venetian state and afterwards, it stretched around the town walls . However regardless of all that, it is actually most renowned as the birthplace of Marco Polo, who was given birth to here in 1254, with signs about him visible all over the town, such as the extremely fascinating Marco Polo Museum, which is something you truly don't want to pass you by while traveling to this stunning Dalmatian town. Presently, it`s a town where you can vividly experience the Mediterranean energy of individuals who reside and operate in this cross between Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Day 5: On Wednesday we will proceed from KORČULA to MLJET (POMENA or POLAČE)

Once everybody has been served breakfast, we move on to visit the island of Mljet. You can enjoy your day swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing. You also have the opportunity to visit the park after taking lunch. An adult is expected to pay a fee of 90 kn, 40 kn for children and students alike, which is separate from the boarding fee. We'll stay overnight at Mljet (either in Polača or Pomena, based on the weather situation) where you can treat yourself with their special gastro package. We suggest you go for lobsters that are available in many restaurants in Mljet, in which you get to make a selection before it is being prepared. Pronounced as a national park in 1960, the north-west part of the islet is about 5.375 hectares in size in terms of land and the bounding sea.

Day 6: On Thursday we will sail from MLJET to ŠIPAN

sipan day 2

Right after eating breaking, we sail across the Šipan Island, towards an island known as Elaphiti, part of a small set of islands close to Dubrovnik. As usual, you get to eat lunch on board and you can spend the rest of the afternoon doing whatever thing you enjoy like reading a book in the sun with a cold drink, swimming or viewing the different scenery around you. The size of Šipan is just about 16 km2 and it is the biggest among the other set of islands, as it has two villages Šipanska Luka on the west side and Suđurađ on the east. It thrived in the Dubrovnik Republic era during which major activities like shipping, olive growing, fishing and wine growing were common. At this present time, this small area contains 42 old summer residences and 34 churches, signifying a peaceful and beautiful environment that once existed known among the Dubrovnik community as a relaxation point.

Day 7: On Friday we'll journey from ŠIPAN to LOPUD (bathing) - ZATON VELIKI

We are going to be served the last breakfast aboard as we sail to Dubrovnik, before we say our goodbyes to one another after this 7 days voyage. Departure will take place at 9 AM in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is like the jewel of the Adriatic Sea. It is among the 10 most admired and attractive tourist locations in the world. It is even adjudged by some as the number 1. It is one among many others with rich history and lots of side attractions in Croatia. An important place to pay a visit to, even if it is only once in a lifetime. You will surely want to return the next time. The success of the town has long been dependent on maritime exchange. In the Midlife’s, it had been under the control of the Dubrovnik Republic, the sole city-state on the east Adriatic coastline that can contend with the Venetian Republic. With its wealth and diplomacy, the city accomplished a rare degree of growth; particularly throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the most essential ethnic occasion in Dubrovnik that happens each year from 10th July to 25th August during which time you will find several music, theatre and dance activities all over the town. For any concerns you may have in the course of the journey, you can at any time talk to the captain or any other crew member who will always be at your service. We wish you a memorable sailing adventure!