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Island Susak

Airport and transport Island Lošinj (7km); Island Unije (10 km), Italian coast (120 km); catamaran to towns Rijeka and Mali Lošinj (Island Lošinj), and through Mali Lošinj with Zadar; airports in Zadar and Island Lošinj (sport airport).

History – the name of the island come from the word Sansegus (Greek for oregano); island was first inhabited by Illyrians (BC); there is only one settlement split into two villages (upper and lower one); the island was often raided by pirates, so in the 7th century a fortification wall was built (ruins can still be seen near the church).

Interesting to see: light house (19th century), staircase, church of Saint Nicolas (18th century), cemetery (19th century, considered to be one of the cleanest and whitest cemeteries).

Info – 200 inhabitants; highest elevation point Garba (98 meters); famous for it’s sandy beaches and yellow dost (most experienced seamen agree “there’s no similar island in the whole Mediterranean”); a very fertile soil in combination with mild climate enable all the Mediterranean vegetation to flourish; there’re no asphalt or cars, or noisy night clubs; a special dialect is spoken (nobody in Croatia understands it); folk-costumes are unique only to this little island; one of the most interesting bays (Obis) is characterized by vertical coastline and cliffs dropping directly to the depth of 20-30 meters (35-100 ft).

Inevitable to taste: wine (long tradition in growing vine, from Roman times).

Good to know: the island proved to be very therapeutical (for children’s asthma, allergic conditions of pharynx, chronic bronchitis and similar ailments, various respiratory diseases, skin rashes, chronic and torpid forms of rheumatism, hiperthrophia tonsillaris, convalescence after various infectious diseases); there are claims that the Bok bay has therapeutic properties for healing fertility problems in women (the active substance is supposed to be contained in the sand).

For sailors: in general: shallows: along the NE coast (up to 200 m from the coastline) and S from the cape Margarita (along the whole cape; about 3 m);

Luka Susak (the only port on the island): exposed to E wind; inner part of the bay is sheltered from all other winds. Warning: while approaching take care of the remains of the demolished breakwater (S from the head of the new breakwater; circle at least 10 m far from it); if the NE and SE winds are blowing it is not recommendable to stay on the head of the breakwater. Mooring: on both sides of the jetty or along the head of breakwater;

the outer part of the bay: protected from the winds of the III and IV quadrant; E and NE winds are very strong (and create large waves); SE wind (that blows across the cape Arat) creates whirls in the cove (its waves bypass the cape Arat and enter the cove); during the strongest E and SE winds the sea floods the waterfront.

Porat: warning: a good shelter only from bora, but exposed to all other winds (from NW to SW; it is not a pleasant stay even during the summer mistral); the sea bottom is good for anchorage.

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