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Town Sućuraj

Airport and transport – ferry to Drvenik (around 8 km); airports in Split (around 106 km) and Dubrovnik (around 158 km).

History – (see Island Hvar); inhabited since 3rd century BC (Illyrian queen Teuta lived here); there are archaeological findings (from very old times) of two neighboring cities, sank during an earthquake (ruins can be seen under the sea); town was a pirate’s shelter; undersea is rich with remains of many Roman galleys and amphora’s; in 1975 city gets the status of a cultural monument (because it has preserved, until today, the succession of the architectural forms from the past).

Interesting to see: the monastery of St. Augustin (today Franciscan; original construction date is unknown; first rebuilt in 1309 and lastly in 1994); church of St.Jure (began in 13th century and developed in 15th-16th century); church of St. Anthony (17th century); church of St. George (17th century); Venetian fortress Fortica (17th century).

Info – one of the oldest towns in Europe; one of the sunniest and hottest places on the island (with more than 2700 hours of sunshine per year); surrounded by the sea from 3 sides with many secluded beaches and bays; the bay Perna (1,5 km away from the city) and the bay Mlaska (3 km away from the city) are unique rarities on the Adriatic Sea, because of the fine sand on bottom of the sea (which cannot be found anywhere around); 492 inhabitants; infirmary heliport (for emergency patients); famous in production of quality wines and olive oil.

Happenings: cultural summer (various events); “Fisherman’s Nights” (folk feast).

Where to go out: restaurants, cafe-bars, taverns.

Inevitable to taste: domestic wine, olive-oil, brandy, fish.

Good to know: ancient Sucuraj was mentioned in the famous epic ‘Iliadie’ (written by Homer) in which Sucuraj is named Kila situated on the east of island Leke (island Hvar; according to the Greek mythology this is where Agamemnon (the Achaia king of Mikena) “cast a damnation unto his opponents”); in 19th century local wine Muscat was served in a palace of Austro-Hungarian emperor Francis-Joseph.

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