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Place Nečujam

Airport and transport – (from Rogač) daily ferry and catamaran lines to Split (15 km); airport (from the port of Split 25 km).

History – (see Island Šolta); found remains of Roman necropolis; in the 4th century the Roman Emperor Diocletian (withdrew from politics in 305 to live in his Palace in Split; today the heart of Split), used to fish in cove of Nečujam (that is how this little cove earned its present-day name Piškera; the remains still lying at the sea bottom); in the Middle Ages it was famous of salt-pans.

Info – Nečujam is the largest (and according to some the most beautiful) cove of the island, because of its size most of the sounds get lost in it (that’s why they call it deaf cove); modern tourist village (centre of Šolta’s tourism); connected to other parts of the island by bus and taxi lines; the beach in Nečujam is the largest on the whole island; beach is artificially pebbled (according to the research small pebbles are the best to lay on the beach).

For sailors: http://free-st.htnet.hr/Grabule/za_nauticare.htm

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