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Town Novalja

Airport and transport – town Pag (around 30 km); Zadar (around 80 km); airport in Zadar.

History – (see Island Pag); the oldest remains of living from young Paleolithic.

Interesting to see: three early Christian basilicas from the 4th and 5th century; simple antique water supply system (1st century) chiseled from live stone (1,2 km long, 70 cm vide, 40 m high and with 9 overhead openings, entrance from Town museum); Stomorica (large collection of early Christian antiquity); Basilica urbana (well preserved mosaic).

Info – Novalja is the tourist center of the Island; known of the hospitality of the locals; around 3 335 inhabitants; with lots of beautiful restaurants, taverns, coffee bars; beaches are situated along the coast in a row (a rare phenomenon on the Adriatic coast).

Where to go out: whole-night entertainment (for young people) at Disco Beach Clubs on the beach Zrće (world known Beach Zrće is place where world famous DJ names entertaining party people from 0 till 24, during a summer each night bring over 10 thousand people together).

Inevitable to taste: widely known Pag’s cheese (winner of 3 “Super Gold” medals in 2010), prosciutto and lamb meat, and enormous and rich spectrum of fish and seafood specialties.

Inevitable to see: phenomenon of the Pag Triangle and the UFO stories (see Island Pag).

Good to know: in 2010 (in Birmingham; UK) in competition “World Cheese Awards” (the most important and influential competition of cheese quality in the world; tradition from 1988), Pag’s cheese “Paški Sir” form dairy Sirana Gligora was competing in 3 categories (for: the best hard goats cheese, the best hard cheese (with weekly average of 2t) and the best new hard or semi-hard cheese on the market) and (among 2600 cheeses from 30 countries) was the only cheese that in all 3 categories won “Super Gold” (also their cheese Kozlar won Bronze, in category of semi hard goats milk cheese); this puts Sirana Gligora in elite club of “The Best 10 Dairies in the World”.

For sailors:

Exposed to W and NW winds (that cause big waves and swell in the harbor). Shallows: around capes Gaj and Vrtić (big circle); near the boardwalk (SE from wharf). Berth: near wharf (in front of the hotel) or quarter mooring from the inner side of the breakwater, in the middle of the harbor (muddy bottom; holds well). Warnings: it is very dangerous to stay in the port during W and NW winds and especially during the storms (from that direction); numerous buoys are in the harbor; approach to the petrol station can be only if your draught is up to 0.7 m.

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