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Island Prvić

Airport and transport – daily ferryboat lines between Šibenik (around 13 km), the island of Zlarin (around 6 km), the island of Prvić and Vodice (around 3 km); airports in Zadar (from Šibenik around 68 km) and Split (from Šibenik around 60 km).

History – inhabited since the middle ages.

Interesting to see: Saint Virgin Mary parish church (15th century); Franciscan monastery (15th century); Sepurine (16th century).

Info – it is the third most densely populated island in Croatia; two villages; population of 453; highest peak Vitković (79 m); irregular coastline of 10,6 km; no cars on the island only shady Mediterranean pine forests, dense Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards, olives and old stone houses.

Good to know: In village Prvić Luka in Church of Lady of Grace is the grave of Faust Vrančić (the Croat man who invented parachute); village Prvić Šepurine is a small place composed of stone streets labyrinth.

For sailors:

Perolin (N port of the place Prvić Šepurine): exposed to bora; sheltered from jugo. Berth: by the mole (along the head from the outside is around 2 m deep). Shallow: from the inner side of the mole is less than 1 m (here is a berth for the vessels of the locals). Warning: the bay is rather shallow; depth in the middle is 2.5 m.

Prvić Luka: exposed to SE wind and the waves caused by jugo; sheltered from jugo (inner side of the breakwater with a (green) port light on the head). Berth: (vessels with the draught of up to 3 m) the inner side of the breakwater; or along the waterfront opposite of the breakwater (exposed to wind). Anchor: in the middle of the bay (depth around 5 m; exposed to jugo). Warning: S from the entrance (in the harbor) there is a low rock Galijola that is surrounded by underwater reefs (it should be surrounded widely).

Prvić Šepurine: exposed to jugo (wind and waves) and NW wind; sheltered from bora. Berth: from the both side of the mole (with the port light on the head) or along the pier with the breakwater (around 150 m S from mole; much more safer during the jugo).

Trstevica: exposed to NW; sheltered from jugo. Anchorage: on the sandy bottom away from the coast along which is shallow.

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