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Island Silba

Airport and transport – boat and ferry connections with Zadar (around 54 km); connection to other islands (twice or even three times a week); airport in Zadar.

History – inhabited since Ilirian times (BC); in 9th century it belonged to the Zadar county; in 18th century Silba had over 200 influential ship-owners and captains with over 150 sailing vessels (for short and long coasting; with a total of about 20 000 tons of carrying capacity).

Interesting to see: church of Saint John (16th century; on the site of 10th century church of Saint Peter); church of Saint Mark (17th century); church of Saint Mary of Karmela (17th century); church of Saint Anthony (18th century); church of Saint Mary of Sorrow (18th century); church of Saint Mary (19th century); 30 m high Toreta (19th century; with nice view all over the village); Silba has also preserved four pictures on wooden altars by Tizian’s successors.

Info – Silba has been nominated for Nature park status; only one settlement; 265 inhabitants; 2570 hours a year of sunshine; highest point is Varh (80m); coastline 25 km; numerous small pebble beaches and coves (with sandy bottom); no cars and motorbikes on the island (even bicycles are very rarely seen); no hotels too; the Latin name for Silba was Selbo (forest); Silba has always been rich with holm-oak, Mediterranean oak (quercus ilex) and pine; has very fertile surfaces of land (fig trees, olive groves and vineyards).

Good to know: Interesting is that man and women on the island are very attentive on cleanness; the entire village is an example of tidiness. In the summer there is no dust, and in the winter there is no mud, so you don’t feel like in an island.

For sailors:

City harbor: exposed to N and NE wind; sheltered from all other winds. Mooring: along the W part of the breakwater (2-3 m) or by the pier (W from breakwater). Anchorage is on the SE of the bay (on sandy bottom; holds well). Warning: there is a cable under the water (SE of the bay); when bora and N wind are blowing the only safe place is W side of the island; port is crowded.

Silba Channel (between islands Silba and Premuda): exposed to bora and jugo (cause large waves); shelters from bora: in the cove St. Anton and in port Žalić (Silba); shelters from S wind: in coves Loza and Driveni (island Premuda). Warning: sea current is with changeable speed and direction (up to 0.6 knots). Shallows: shallow Grebeni (2 m; NW from the islet West Greben); between island Ist and islet South Greben (there is a shallow, cliff and islet Križica). Night sailing (through the channel) is orientated by the lights of the lighthouses (white from cape Južni rat and red from the islet Western Greben).

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