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Island Ugljan

Airport and transport – bridge connection to the island Pašman; ferryboat with Zadar (some 8 km far); airport in Zadar.

History – inhabited since early Stone Age; in 4th century BC, on the hill, village was built and fortified (wall and some square houses stand even today).

Interesting to see: Villa rustica (1st century); monumental oil plant in the cove of Muline (1st century); ancient Christian memorial (4th century); ancient Christian basilica (5th century); church of St Kosmas and St Damien (11th century); church of St Hipolit (11th century); church of all the Saints (12th century); Convent of St Hieronymus (15th century); church of St. Peter (16th century); the castle of “Bersic” (17th century).

Info – island has seven villages (town Ugljan is the biggest); about 1000 inhabitants; called the green island with shore 74 km long and beautiful sand beaches with rich undersea world (for scuba-divers); town Ugljan (has the most hours of insulation in the entire area thanks to its position), highest peak Šćah, 286 m.

Happenings: traditional public festivities, exhibitions, concerts in churches, spectacles in summer scenes and hotel terraces.

Where to go out: disco in open space.

Inevitable to taste: Olive oil (extraordinary quality and aroma, 2000 years of tradition) and wine.

For sailors:

Luka Ugljan: exposed to bora, stronger N and NW winds are causing strong waves; sheltered from jugo. Mooring: (smaller vessels) near the inner side of the breakwater or along the waterfront (by the breakwater), (bigger vessels) anchor 0.5 NM SE from the light on the head of the breakwater; depths are from 6-10 m; anchorage is exposed to wind bora; warning-shallows: all the way near the coast.

Batalaža (near place Kali and islet Ošljak; in the bay is S port of the place Kali): only partly sheltered from bora; exposed to the winds of the I and II quadrant. Mooring: in the bay is a mole with breakwater (that stretches in the N direction); depths along the breakwater are 3 m near the head and 1 m on the heel. Warning: (under the sea) the foundations of the breakwater stretches 1 m further of the head; along E coast of the bay is shallow (less than 1 m) with many reefs.

Batalaža (near place Batalaža and bays Sužica (W) and Soline (E)): sheltered from jugo; exposed to bora; in the bay is mole with high breakwater (mostly occupied by vessels of the locals); depth on the head of the mole is 1.5 m.

Čeprljanda: bay is exposed to NW wind; although port (in the bottom of the bay) is sheltered from all winds. Anchoring: quarter mooring along two main moles in the port; on the head of the 1st mole is depth of 4 m; along the outer side of the 2nd mole anchor vessels with the draught of 1.5 m.

Lamjana Vela and Mala:

Bay Lamjana Vela: relatively good sheltered from jugo; a repair shipyard is in the bay (permission of the shipyard management is needed for entering the bay);

Bay Lamjana Mala: exposed to jugo; mooring is on the sandy bottom (8-10 m deep). Warning: there are fish and mussel farms in the bay; during the night approach in the bay is forbidden for the vessels over 16 m; speed is limited on 7 knots.

Luka Kali: exposed to wind bora; shelter from bora is only in the inner side of the port (by breakwater that stretches in the NE direction); smaller vessels can anchor in the port; recommendation: because of the big crowd in the port sometimes is easiest to find the place for anchor in the S port (bay Batalaža).

Luka Preko (consists of 3 parts: N port (opposite of the islet Galovac), middle port (in front of the middle part of the settlement) and S port (opposite the islet Ošljak; where is also a petrol station)): wind exposure: (S port) to bora and SE; (outer part of the middle port) to the winds of the I and IV quadrant; sheltered from all winds are inner parts of the N and middle port. Approach: (to N port) islet Galovac should be bypassed from N side (depth in the passage is 1 m). Berth: (in N port) along the outer jetty or (in the middle port) along the inner side of the breakwater. Anchorage: N from islet Galovac (depth 5-10 m; exposed to bora). Warning: aerial transmission (at a height of 10 m) extends between the islet Galovac and coast of the island Ugljan; ferry landing in the S port.

Luka Ugljan: exposed to bora; stronger N and NW winds create waves in the bay; sheltered from jugo. Anchorage: (smaller vessels) along inner side of the breakwater or berth along the waterfront (near the heel of the breakwater); (bigger vessels) 0.5 NM SE from the light (on the head of the breakwater; depths from 6-10 m; exposed to bora). Warning: shallows all along the coast.

Lukoran Veli: exposed to bora and N wind (both create harbor swell); sheltered from jugo; berth: (smaller vessels) near the pier; anchor: in the bay (holds well).

Muline: exposed to NW wind; sheltered from all other winds and (belonging) waves. Warning: a stream with speed of up to 4 knots, in the passage of Veli Ždrelac (present when arriving in the bay from N). Anchor: (bigger vessels) in the middle of the bay; (vessels with the drought of up to 3 m) near the concrete jetty.

Pavlešina (bay on the NW side of the cape Dražica): exposed to W wind; sheltered from the winds of the I and II quadrant. Warning: craggy bottom in front of cape Dražica (stretches up to 130 m from the shore); there are many crags in sea level around cape Dražica (recommendation: encircle widely). Shallows: inside the port. Anchor: on the sandy bottom (around 9 m deep). Berth: (vessels with the draught of up to 2 m) along the mole (depth on the head of the mole is 2.8 m; from inner side (till half of its size) is 2 m deep); small mole (W from the bigger mole; in front of it is 1.4 m deep).

Poljana: exposed to E and SE winds (inner side of the mole with the breakwater is good shelter from E and SE winds); sheltered from the winds of the III and IV quadrant. Shallow: in front of cape St. Peter (edge of a shallow is marked with green light on the boulder in the sea). Berth: from inner side of the mole with the breakwater (SW part of the port; depth from 1-2 m; here is a good shelter from E and SE winds). Warning: all other smaller moles are completely exposed to winds (although, depths around the heads are sufficient for berth).

Prtljug: NW part of the bay is exposed to jugo; sheltered from all other winds. Berth: mole (in NW part of the bay; depth on the head is 1.5 m). Warning: shallow bay (depth in the middle is 10 m; in both branches under 5 m); towards the end of NW part bottom is pebbly (and anchor doesn’t hold well); in NE part there are many smaller fisher moles (from stacked stones) and in front of all of them is shallow (less than 1 m).

Sutomišćica (the biggest bay on the E side of the island): bay is exposed to bora and sheltered from all other winds; but the port (SE part of the bay) is a shelter from all winds. Anchorage: in the middle of the bay (depth 8-12 m; muddy bottom; holds well); during the bora is along the NE coast (under the cape of St. Grgur). Berth: in the E part of the port (in marina); (for bigger vessels) along 4 moles (behind the bent breakwater; depths in this part of the port are from 2.5 to 4.9 m). Warning: along the E shore there are many smaller moles along which are very shallow; in W part (in front of the settlement Lukoran Mali) there are many small moles along which is also very shallow (only on the head of the biggest mole is depth around 1.8 m; this part of the bay is exposed to bora).

Sušica: bay is exposed to bora; sheltered from jugo, and within the small port is shelter from all winds. Berth: port is divided on two small closed ports (it is up to 1 m deep inside of both of them); on the inner side of the W mole (that closes port) depths are from 1-2 m.

Vala: exposed to E and jugo (that in harbor cause waves of medium intensity); sheltered from the waves caused by wind bora and N wind; enter in the port is between two breakwaters (red and green light); berth: along the breakwater or quarter mooring (near the S pier); anchor: possible in the middle of the port (depth around 6 m).

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