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Island Zlarin

Airport and transport – connected by ship (about 10 times a day) with Šibenik (3.5 NM) and Vodice (4 NM); airports in Zadar (from Šibenik around 68 km) and Split (from Šibenik around 60 km).

History – evidence of life since prehistory from Neolithic times to Roman ages; there is also evidence that Liburnians often visited and maybe lived on Zlarin; first mention in 13th century (by king Bela IV, Croatian-Hungarian king; the name of Zlarin is mentioned as part of the City of Šibenik); in 1810. an elementary school is opened on the island.

Interesting to see: church of Our Lady of Raselj (15th century); church of St. Rok (17th century); church of Assumption of Mary (18th century).

Info – population 276; the highest peak Klepac (174 m); 18.7 km of coastline; traditional coral and sponge diving; famous for its red corals (hunting and processing of corals were known already in the 15th century); thick pine forests, beaches of various types and numerous hidden bays; a myriad of fig and cypress trees, and other natural plants; cars are not allowed to the island (in spite of 16 km of newly constructed roads and paths); each year the yacht club of Zlarin organizes three boat regattas, “Zlarinska regata krstaša”, “Latinskin idrun na kureja” (reserved for wooden boats built on old, exclusively hand-made traditional ways, and propelled by Latin sail (mainsail, triangular sail)) and New Year “Zlarinska regata krstaša”.

Inevitable to see: event “Bodulska balada” (has international reputation; entertainers from all over Croatia sing and play music about Croatian islands in a unique way, and artists from all over the world donate their works of art to the development of the island itself); in summer one may witness a ceremony that is held for sailors who are going to the sea at night to find corals (Dalmatian songs are sung, and men and women are dressed in folk costumes typical of the area; the ceremony is held to wish luck to the sailors).

What to buy: red corals and sponge (tradition of hunting and processing of corals from 15th century; event today there is a coral workshop where coral is worked manually and the hand made jewels are sold).

Good to know: inventor of Maglite torches (used all over the world; even by the American police) was Mr. Ante Maglica born in Zlarin.

For sailors:

Luka Zlarin: exposed to NW and N wind; sheltered from bora and jugo. Anchorage: buoys (placed in the middle of the inner part of the port). Warning-shallow: Roženik (N from the entrance in the port; marked (W border; green light) by the lighthouse and (E border) by the cardinal mark; depth in the middle (of those two marks) is 8 m; warning: boulder (also situated between)).

Magarna: exposed to jugo; sheltered from the winds of the III and IV quadrant. Anchorage: whole bay (on the middle depth is around 10 m).

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