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National Park Krka

Airport and transport – Šibenik (17 km); airports in Zadar (around 70 km) and Split (around 60 km).

History – For thousands of years River Krka has hollowed out its path through rock and has created its remarkable waterfalls; During the Middle Ages there were 14 fortified towns in the River Krka area, of which only Skradin remains populated to this day.

Interesting to see: Bribirska Glavica (about 17 km far; on 300 meter high hill; surface area approximately 72,000 square meters; inhabited during Paleolithic times; the ancient Liburnian settlement been named the Croatian City of Troy; due to its strategic position it has been the central town of the entire area for almost 6,000 years; rich collection of exhibit items dating from the prehistorical to the late medieval period).

Info – 1985 (the 46 km of the Krka River flow; 111 square kilometers) was proclaimed as a national park; the peculiar travertine cascades of its waterfalls are extremely rare in the world; with its seven travertine waterfalls and drop of 242 m Krka River is a natural and karstic phenomenon; the estuary of the Krka River is 23.5 km in length (considered an exceptional phenomenon, due to its lack of pollution and biological vitality; rich in shellfish, freshwater fish and saltwater fish).

Good to know: 8 waterfalls, 10 lakes, 3 bridges, 860 plant species (including several endemic Illyrian-Adriatic species), 36 water plant species, 18 fish species (among which 10 endemic fish species), 222 bird species, of which 80 species nest in the park (make it ornithologically most valuable region of Europe), 46 other animal species (among mammals, there are 18 species of bats, which are generally endangered or near extinction in the rest of The Europe).

Inevitable to see: fall Skradinski Buk (the biggest waterfall, length 800 meters; falls tumbling over 17 cascades; average flow of 55 cubic meters of water per second); ethno-village Skradinski Buk (received the prestigious award “Entante Florale – Golden Flower of Europe”; illustrate the way of life of the inhabitants of that area); islet Visovac (settled by the Hermits of St. Augustine (Orthodox) who in the 14th century built a small church; in 1445 Franciscan (Roman Catholic) monks settled on the islet and built the Our Lady of Mercy Monastery (monastery contains a rich collection of artifacts, archaeological findings and a valuable library) and Our Lady of Angels Church); Roški waterfall (the main waterfall is 22.5 m in height and 60 m in width; on the waterfall there are mills, ethnographic collections and a still functional power plant dating from 1899); in the vicinity of the Roški Waterfall one of the very first hotels in Dalmatia was built in 1909 It was the first hotel to have electricity; National Park Krka also has the only hawk training center in Croatia where you can se presentations of hunting with hawks and hawk trainers’ skills.

For sailors:

National Park Krka (approach to Skradin: through the channel of St. Ante, the Šibenik harbor, Prukljanski isthmus and the lake, than through the river Krka; warning: navigation is allowed only to the bridge where is floating barrier): Warning: enter to the national park is allowed only by tourist boats (you can anchor in Skradin or stay in ACI marina).

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