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Place Primošten

Airport and transport – Šibenik (28 km); Split Airport (30 km).

History – the surroundings have been inhabited since VII century BC (Archeological site Kunara); in 1 AD, villages of Primošten Burnji was surrounded by fields which fed the whole of this region; until 16th century settlement was situated on the islet close to the mainland (protected by the walls and towers and draw bridge connected it to the mainland); in second half of 16th century the draw bridge was replaced by the causeway and the settlement was named Primošten.

Interesting to see: church of St. George (15th century); church of Our Lady of Compassion (16th century); church of St. Rock (17th century); Baroque chapel (18th century).

Info – population 2 992; the largest beach is Raduča (long pebble beach hidden in the thick pine forest), its smaller part Mala Raduča is voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia; Primošten’s stone honey-comb vineyards have status of a monument of the human labor (their photograph is in the lobby of the United Nations in New York, USA; currently under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Where to go out: discotheque Aurora (1 km from the town; the biggest in this part of the Adriatic; capacity 3000 guests)

Inevitable to see: lacework from Primosten; walking paths around old city walls; traditional donkey race; Primosten’s Wine Trail (sightseeing tour through the stone honey-comb vineyards, with status of a monument of the human labor and under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Inevitable to taste: the most famous local specialty “spiny lobster a la Primosten” (cooked in Primosten way); famous local red wine “Babic” (produced by a very hard labor from the autochthonous wine sort in the famous vineyards located in the rocks that look like stone honey-comb (have status of a monument of the human labor)); large selection of home-made food: prosciutto, cheese in olive oil and lamb.

For sailors:

Primošten harbor (port has two parts; W part is the old part with the breakwater; E part is new with the pier): exposed to SW wind; sheltered from the winds of the I and IV quadrant. Shallow: along the waterfront (that continuous on the breakwater; depths are 1-2 m). Berth: (vessels of up to 3.5 m of the draught) inner side of the breakwater; in the E part of the harbor (along the S or E side of the pier; depths are 4-6 m). Anchor: in the space between the breakwater and the coast (depth around 5 m); S part of the cove (below the hill Kremik; especially during the jugo). Warning: when wind blows anchor in the port doesn’t hold well.

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