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Prokljansko lake

Airport and transport – highway A1 (around 7 km far); Šibenik (around 14 km); airports in Zadar (around 70 km) and Split (around 60 km).

Info – lake is nearly 7 km long and 3 km wide covers an area of around 11 square kilometers connected to the sea by a narrow channel which leads to Šibenik harbor; it doesn’t have high salinity (in the lower layers water is salty, and near the surface it is freshwater); the northern part of the lake is quite shallow (average depth of about 4 meters) while the southern part is deeper (some 20 to 25 m); the lake’s major tributary is the Krka River; in the northern part of the lake, there is a small islet called Stipanac (site with ruins dating from antiquity to medieval times).

Inevitable to taste: autochthon specialties such as eel, fresh-water pilchard, golac (fish long 1 cm) and oysters in the nearby villages of Raslina, Zaton and Bilice.

For sailors:

Prokljansko lake (connected to the sea by the narrow channel that ends near the Šibenik harbor): shallow: N part of the lake (4 m in average). S part of the lake is deeper (10-20 m). Warning: in N part there is an islet Stipanac.

Rasline: exposed to bora and jugo (they blow strong and create big waves); sheltered from bora and jugo (the inner side of the mole with the breakwater). Berth: the inner side of the breakwater (on first half of the head; shelter from bora and jugo); smaller mole (opposite the breakwater; possible to berth only by the head; along which is depth of 2 m). Shallow: toward the heel of the smaller mole. Warning: around 0.5 NM SE from the port there is a reef Dragačin (should be sail around from the E side); port is not suitable for longer stay.

Vrulje: sheltered from bora. Berth: along the middle of the bay (depths of 4-5 m).

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