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Town Biograd na Moru

Airport and transport Zadar (28 km); airport in Zadar.

History – noted as the former capital of the medieval Croatian Kingdom; first mentioned in 10th century; center of the Croatian kings and bishops in 11th century; in 1102 the Croat-Hungarian king Coloman was crowned here.

Interesting to see: ruins of Villae Rusticae (from the roman era); basilica of St. John (11th century); early Romanesque church of Saint Anthony (13th century); church of Saint Rocco (16th century); parish church of St. Anastasia (18th century).

Info – town has won silver medal and prestige price “The Silver Flower of Europe in 2007” for horticulture and urban settlement; around 5,259 inhabitants; has one of the biggest and best equipped tennis camps on the Adriatic (14 tennis courts with earth base and 6 fields with hard base, with night lighting, situated in a pinewood, next to the beach); in its proximity are located three national parks (Paklenica, Kornati archipelago, Krka Falls) and two nature parks (Telaščica and Lake Vrana); Lake Vrana (distance of 7 km, the biggest lake in Croatia – 30 km2, rich with freshwater fish; fishing excursions also organized).

Active fun: There are beaches in Biograd for every wish and age, also modern tennis center, mini-golf courts, aquagan, water skiing, jet ski, surfing, sailing, diving, boat peddling, rent-a-boat, water-polo, volleyball on sand, scuba diving, handball, basketball, boulles, mini golf, mini soccer, trekking, cycling, climbing; canoe safari and river rafting on Zrmanja, triathlon (challenges in nature), paragliding.

Happenings: numerous cultural and entertainment programs and sports events.

Inevitable to see: the Homeland Museum of the City (only independent cultural institution in the Biograd region, preserves a valuable monumental heritage from the rich past of the Biograd seaside and its surroundings).

For sailors:

Biograd na Moru – city harbor (placed on the way between marinas Kornati and Šangulin and little hotel port; from the N side is closed by the breakwater (with the green light on the head) and from the S side by knee mole and breakwater; N from the breakwater (with the light) there is a concrete waterfront and ferry landing): exposed to N and W winds (along the pier and waterfront); inside the harbor sheltered from all winds (between the breakwater and the knee mole). Berth: along the waterfront inside the harbor (depth around 2 m) or from the inner side of the knee mole with the breakwater (along whose heel is very shallow, 0.5 m; and toward the head depths are increasing up to 1.4 m). Warning: inside of the harbor is almost always wavy; the current along the head of the breakwater is up to 3 knots.

Port Biograd (hotel’s little port): sheltered from all winds. Berth: mainly for hotel guests; but free spot can be found on the entrance of the harbor (along the W side of the waterfront).

There are also: Marina Kornati and Marina Šangulin.

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