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Town Skradin

Airport and transport – Šibenik (16 km); airports in Zadar (around 70 km) and Split (around 60 km).

History – the surroundings have been inhabited since the Neolithic period; the oldest settlement dates from the year 3500 BC; the first data about the town dates from the year 339 BC; in prehistorical times it was the capital of Liburnia (Illyrian Scardona) and later the capital of the Roman Province of Liburnia (administrative and military centre of the region; of which the ruins of its buildings, waterworks and epigraphical monuments can still be seen); the centre of the early Christian Diocese was founded here in 530 AD; it was the principal town of Croatia and Bosnia (in 14th century).

Interesting to see: Belvedere and early medieval fortress of ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir (13th century); Baroque Catholic Church of the Parturition of the Blessed Virgin Mary (18th century; containing a very valuable pipe organ); Orthodox Church of St. Spiridon (19th century; a donation from Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph); Town Museum (rich collection of exhibit items from the pre-historical age, Liburnian period and period of Antiquity to the late Middle Ages); Parish House (rich collection of works of art and a library); Bribirska Glavica (15 km far; on 300 meter high hill; the ancient Liburnian settlement been named the Croatian City of Troy; due to its strategic position it has been the central town of the entire area for almost 6000 years; rich collection of exhibit items dating from the prehistorical to the late medieval period).

Info – town is settled in the bay with mix of fresh and saltwater; population about 3 986; the entire town core represents a protected cultural monument; the Liburnians shipped their products (before the Roman period) on vessels called liburnia; Skradin had the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe (opened in 1895); Skradin is known for its variety in seafood including fish and seashells (there are also fish and mussels farms).

Happenings: Skradin festival of klapa singing (a cappella singing).

Inevitable to see: The Skradinski Buk (ethno-village received the prestigious award “Entante Florale – Golden Flower of Europe”; illustrate the way of life of the inhabitants of that area); the Guduća Nature Reserve (one of the most diverse ornithological reserves in Europe; the marsh vegetation enables the survival of rare bird species of which some are on the verge of extinction; Guduća is the home of the bee-eater, one of the most beautiful birds in Europe)

Inevitable to taste: famous white wine Debit (long tradition of wine making, from the age of Antiquity; in 1932, wine variety debit (from Bedrica family) won the grand prix award at the wine fair in Toulouse, France and was declared one of the six best wines in the world); Jujuba brandy; rose petal liqueur; walnut brandy; olive oil (long tradition); supreme prosciutto (ham dried in the north-eastern bora wind of the Skradin hinterland); Skradin cake (delicacy made of almonds, walnuts and honey, once prepared for newlyweds for their first wedding night); Skradin veal risotto (carefully cooked for 8, 9 sometimes 11 hours; according to tradition prepared only by men); Koprtlje (unusual archaic delicacy; small sticks of prosciutto ham and bacon wrapped over lamb offal and cooked with chunks of dried meat); Sausages from the Skradin hinterland (spiced with nutmeg and juice from garlic soaked in white wine); dried lamb; Cold Skradin eel brodetto served with polenta (made from corn flour ground); home-made jams (service berries, strawberry-tree berries and figs with herbs); sugared or salted almonds and dry figs; Peka (dishes prepared under a metal cover and glowing fire; coals and hot ashes are scattered on top; food stays succulent and has a specific flavor, neither cooked nor baked; usually lamb, veal, octopus or rooster (at Bribirska Glavica the evidence of a rooster prepared in this manner has been discovered dating from the Liburnian period)).

Good to know: the most beautiful and breathtaking view of Skradin from belvedere (situated on highway; route A1, towards Split) was nominated for the Golden Flower of Europe award for the most beautiful belvedere on European auto routes.

For sailors:

Skradin (enter is after passing through the Šibenik channel, river bed of Krka and the Prukljanski isthmus; river is marked with a lot of red and green lighthouses; enter in the harbor Skradin is marked with the lighthouses on the cape Lukovo (red light) and on the cape Dut (green light); near marina on the W coast is the lighthouse (green light)): Exposed to bora (during the long-lasting and strong bora water level is getting lower) and waves from jugo; shelter from all winds is in marina (except from the smaller waves caused by jugo). Berth: in marina Skradin or along the waterfront on the NE coast (along which is depth of around 2 m). Shallow: left side of the coast. Warning: sail on the right side of the waterway; river (in its first half) somewhere narrows to 100 m (depths from 7-40 m), and later to 80 m (depths from 7-11 m); in the bay (where is marina) current flows (along NW coast have entering direction, and along NE coast exit direction); along the mole dock tourist boats (so it is not advisable to use it for the berth); when sail into the Prukljansko lake one should sail toward the cape Oštrica (with the lighthouse; green light).

Rasline: exposed to bora and jugo (both blow strongly and create big waves); shelter (from bora and jugo) is from the inner side of the mole (with the breakwater). Berth: from the inside of the breakwater on the first half (from the head; sheltered from bora and jugo). Warning: around 0.5 NM SE from the port there is a reef Dragačin that should be sailed around from the E side; berth is possible opposite the breakwater (by the smaller mole) but only by the head (where is 2 m deep) further toward the heel is shallow; port is not suitable for longer stay.

Vrulje: sheltered from bora. Anchorage: on the middle of the bay (depth from 4-5 m).

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