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BEING THE SECOND LARGEST CITY IN Dalmatia, this three-thousand-year-old city is rich in history sights and monuments. It was devastated several times and rebuilt each time and the temperament of the locals is the same, persistent and courageous. They will win you over immediately with their hospitality and cheerful spirit. While in Zadar we suggest you visit Sv. Donat (St. Donatus) church and the old Roman forum, the main square, climb the Bell Tower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral and enjoy the view. Does the name Alfred Hitchcock ring a bell? He claimed to have seen the most beautiful sunset in the world in Zadar and to perpetuate this beauty of sunsets in ZADAR an architect Nikola Basic built a special art installation that absorbs solar energy and produces special light and color effects which change to the rhythm of music from the Sea organs, another remarkable installation on Zadar’s promenade. The music you hear from the organs comes from the waves themselves. Definitely a unique experience! City life is very dynamic and from the very morning to the evening there is always something to do and there are plenty of beaches and Nature Parks that offer some serious relaxation.

Additional Info About Zadar

Airport and transport – airport Zadar (12 km), daily ferry connection with Ancona and Rimmini (Italy), ferry to neighboring islands.

History – inhabited since Neolithic; first written proof from 4th century BC (Illyrian tribe Liburnians); after the year 59 BC became a Roman municipium; at the beginning of the 7th century it was the center of the Byzantine province of Dalmatia; in 7th century, it became the capital of Dalmatia and remained so until 1918; the Zadar Seal is the oldest city seal in Croatia (dates from the end of the 12th century); the first city on Croatian ground to have had a university already in 1396; Zadar had: the first newspaper in the Croatian language (1806; called ‘Kralj Dalmatin’); the first public gardens (still today bear the name) Queen Helen Madijev Public Gardens (1829); the first modern water pipe system (1838); the first systematic electricity system (1894).

Interesting to see: the Roman Forum (1st century), the church of St. Donatus (9th century; symbol of the city; built on the remains of the ancient Roman Forum); St. Mary’s church (11th century); church of St. Chrysogonus (12th century); the Cathedral of St. Anastasia (12th -13th century); St. Francis’ Church (14th century); Citadel (15th century); People’s Square and City Loggia and Guardhouse (16th century); ramparts with the representative Port Gate and Land Gate (16th century).

Info – a city monument with 72 718 inhabitants and more than 200 sunny days a year.

Where to go out: numerous cultural and artistic programs; traditional Music Evenings in St. Donatus; New Theatre Performances; Zadar Summer Theatre; various visual arts exhibitions.

Inevitable to see: architectural achievements – the first in the world Sea Organs (mystic harmonies of the “Orchestra of Nature”) and The Greeting to the Sun (installation; a model of the solar system with its appertaining planets, connected to the Sea Organs whose sound is transposed into a exceptionally impressive show of light that starts performing after sunset); the Archaeological Museum (established in 1830; exhibits from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages); the National Museum; the Maritime Museum; the Permanent Exhibition of Sacral Art (called The Gold and Silver of Zadar); Kalelarga (Wide Street).

Inevitable to taste: famous liqueur Maraschino (produced since 16th century).

Good to know: in 18th century, the Zadar’s liqueur Maraschino (production since 16th century), was exported to almost all European countries (it could be found on the table of well-known rulers: English King George IV, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Russian Czar Nicholas…).

For sailors: 3 marinas: Borik in cove Fratrov jaz; Vitrenjak and Zadar-Tankercommerce.

City harbor: sheltered from all winds; exposed from N and NW to stronger swell in harbor; has long breakwater (165 m; NE-SW direction, from the coast to the peninsula; passage width is 70 m) and heavy traffic in the port. (Suitable) berth: occasionally near the bridge (at the very end of the SW coast, or on NE coast); in the middle of the NW coast there is a mole where berth is possible on both side (depth 2-3 m). (Not suitable) berth: other coves on the NE coast all until the lighthouse (cape Oštro) are not suitable because of the shallowness and heavy traffic.

Little harbor Foša: (artificial canal; situated along the ramparts) sheltered from all winds except SW (outer part of the port is exposed to SW wind). N part is shallow and full of boats; very shallow with cliffs is on NW side also in NW from the port (near the seafront); along the SE seafront is around 3 m deep. Warning: when approaching to the port it is better to keep closer to the SE coast; berth is allowed only to smaller boats (depth in inner part is less than 1.6 m).

Pedestrian bridge (warning) only 2 m high (only smaller boats can sail under).

Port JK Uskok: enter is from SE; port is sheltered from all winds; the breakwater (in SW) should be sailed around to the red lateral marks (placed in front of it). Berth: there are 8 moles (depths from 1-8 m).

Marina Borik: entrance is from S; sheltered from all winds. Berth: along 5 moles and inner side of both breakwaters (depths from 1.4-4.3 m). Shallows: outside the breakwater.

Marina Zadar-Tankercommerce: entrance from NE of the city port; sheltered from all winds. Berth: (bigger boats) from the inner side of the breakwaters (of city harbor); along 6 moles (depths on the head of the moles are from 4-8 m).

Zadar channel: sheltered from bura; exposed to jugo, W and NW (all winds cause strong waves). Berths: cove Petrčane and anchorages Diklo and Zaton. Warning: after long blowing of jugo (sea current speed is up to 2 knots).

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