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Island Lopud

Airport and transport – ferry to Dubrovnik (around 10 km) and to surrounding Elaphiti Islands; airport in Dubrovnik.

History – inhabited since prehistoric times; among first by Illyrians, than Greeks, than Romans; Croats came in 9th century; since 10th century under Dubrovnik Republic; from 1457 a headquarter of principality of Dubrovnik Republic (when Rectors Palace was built), with over 1000 inhabitants, shipyard and ship-owners with their own fleet of about 80 ships; Dominicans have opened the school in 1482; and since 19th century island has been well known as a seaside resort.

Interesting to see: remnants of old Christian chapels (St. Elijah, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and St. Nicholas); votive church of Lady of Šunja (Šunja; 12th century; hides historic church treasure; built by nobleman Otton Visconti from Milan after surviving a shipwreck when coming back from Crusade Wars); remains of the Rector’s Palace (15th century); Dominican monastery (15th century); Franciscan monastery (15th century); Spanish Fortress of St. Simon (16th century); church of the Holy Trinity (16th/17th century).

Info – an island with more than 33 chapels, 4 churches and 2 convents; highest peak Polačica, 216 m; one village (NW); 269 inhabitants; coastline 14,63 km; the bay called Šunj famous for its beach (SE; believed to be among the most beautiful bays and beaches on the Adriatic; almost round and totally filled with white sand); annual average of 2584 hours of sunshine; freshwater wells; rich in Mediterranean subtropics vegetation (maquis; aleppo pine, bougainvilleas, palms and cypresses), olive tries and laurel; long tradition in viticulture; there is no traffic on the island.

Where to go out: restaurants.

Inevitable to see: Public Park (former private garden of Đorđić-Mayneri family; from 19th century; protected by small stone lions; where plants were collected from all over the world such as bamboo and various types of cactuses); unique light installation at the art pavilion “Your Black Horizon”.

Inevitable to taste: fish.

Good to know: island is chosen by the many aristocratic families of the Dubrovnik Republic for their summer manors; Miho Pracat Pracatović (a ship-owner and very rich merchant; born in Lopud in 1528) left all his wealth to Dubrovnik Republic, and was the first and only plebeian ever that got his monument in Dubrovnik Republic (in 1638, in atrium of Rectors Palace in Dubrovnik). During one of his voyages Pracat broke the pirate siege and brought the ships loaded with corn to the hungry people of Charles V (ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and Spanish Empire), the king granted Pracat an audience and offered him honors and gold, but Pracat refused all gifts and requested the king’s serviette, this serviette is now displayed at the local museum.

For sailors: NE side of the island is not easy accessible because of the rocks and steep cliffs;

Lopud – entire bay near the coast is shallow; bay is protected from all winds (except from NW, wherefrom strong waves are coming); shallows are: around the cliff Sutmiho (on the N); berths for smaller boats are: near the pier (in front of the settlement) or near the mole, or by the pier on the S (in front of hotel; depth 2-3 m);

Šunj – protected from all winds (except from Jugo; causing constant waves); shallows are: in Koločep gates (in front of cape Poluge; 3 m), around two islets Little and Big Skupio (in front of cape Mrčica), in a passage between Little Skupio and coast (only 2 m), in Koločep gate (W from the islet Big Skupio); many sandbar are near the coast; anchorage in the bay is on the sandy bottom; bay has a sandy beach (usually full of bathers);

Lopud door (passage between islands Šipan and Lopud) – exposed to all winds; shelters from winds Jugo and Bura are: in the port Lopud, and NE in the port Suđurađ (Šipan); shallow is: in the passage between islands Ruda and Šipan (5 m W of the cliff Ruda; recommendation to leave the shallow on the E side and sail near the cape Konj); reefs and shallows are: in front of cape Butor (near Šipan), and around cliff Sutmiho (N of Lopud; cliff stick out only 2 m out of the sea, and is also very dangerous).

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