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Place Lumbarda

Airport and transport – town Korčula (6 km); ferry (from town Korčula) to peninsula Pelješac (around 2 km), Drvenik (around 25 km), Dubrovnik (around 130 km) and Bari (Italy); airports in Split and Dubrovnik.

History – (see Island Korčula); inhabited during the Bronze and Iron Ages; in 4th-3rd century BC, Greeks from the island of Issa (now Vis) established a settlement and made lapidary document “Psephisma” from Lumbarda (the oldest document about the division of land parcels and organization of community in Croatia); name Lumbarda first appeared in the statute of Korčula in 1214.

Interesting to see: church of St. John (Sutivan; 13th century; renewed in 19th century); church of St. Barbara (Žabnjak; 13th century; renewed in 19th century); church of St Roch (Vela Glavica; 16th century); church of St Barthol (Vela Postrana; 16th century); church of St. Peter and Paul (Vela Glavica; 16th century); church of Mary’s Visitation (Mala Glavica; 16th century); surrounded by vineyards church of the Holy Cross in the Field (18th century); church of St. Špiridijun (Javić; 1900); the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes (1922).

Info – 1221 inhabitants; located by the sea coves and on the hill slopes surrounding by the vineyards; tradition in wine-making from 3rd century BC (famous wines from Lumbarda: white wine Grk (from grapes only found here), red wine Plavac Mali and desert wine Prošek); indented coast; four sandy beaches surrounded by vineyards and archipelagos of twenty small islets; pine wood parks; olive groves; harmonious stone architecture; old deserted quarries (centuries old tradition of the craft of stonemasonry).

Happenings: summer programme: folk dance performances; fishermen’s nights; traditional Dalmatian male and female choirs concerts; church choir concerts; art exhibitions (local artists); poetry evenings; donkey race.

Where to go out: restaurants, disco.

Inevitable to taste: wines: Grk (famous white wine, from the native grape of the same name, only found here), Plavac Mali (famous red wine), Prošek (sweet desert wine with high alcohol content); sweets like: prikle (doughnuts with raisins and almonds fried in oil); cukarini, klasuni (cakes filled with almonds), krokant (ground almonds in browned sugar), hrostule (doughnuts fried in hot oil), kotonjata (quince jelly), etc.

Good to know: the Greek writer Athenaios wrote (twenty two centuries ago) about the high quality wine produced on the Dalmatian island of Vis, Hvar and Korcula.

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