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Town Vela Luka

Airport and transport – ferry to Split (around 90 km); airports in Split and Dubrovnik (around 176 km).

History – (see Island Korčula); archeological evidence that Vela Cave (Vela spila) was inhabited since Paleolithic (before 18 000 BC); a burial of 3 kids from that time is evidence of spiritual life (is also the oldest human finds in this part of Adriatic); in 1892 one of the first fish processing factory was founded in Vela Luka.

Interesting to see: Romanic church of St. Kuzma i Damjana (around 12th century); church of St. Ivan (15th century); church of St. John on Gradini (15th century; on ruins of Ilirian fortress); church of St. Jure (15th century); church of St. Vicenzo (16th century); church of St. Peter (17th century); church of St. Joseph (19th century); church Lady of Health in Badu (19th century); Forteca (an Austro-Hungarian fortress; 19th century); church of St. Rok (20th century); church Lady of Mercy (20th century).

Info – the 2nd largest settlement on the Adriatic islands; a safe harbor for seafarers; a shipyard (their fireproof life boats have a world-wide reputation); 4 464 inhabitants; the bay of Kale has valuable layers of medical sea mud and wells of mineral water (cure for rheumatic ailments, post-traumatic conditions…); excellent olive oil.

Happenings: The Regatta (24th June); Vela Luka Festival (July-August; concerts, exhibitions, presentations); exhibits of local and foreign artists; Fisherman’s Nights; various concerts of pop and classical music; Klapa’s songs (a cappella singing).

Where to go out: numerous quality restaurants and bars (giving concerts of popular domestic and foreign singers and bands), disco.

Inevitable to see: ”Kumpanija” (attractive dance with swords; an ancient knight game; originated from the organized peoples’ army which has been defending the island for centuries; performed only on the island of Korčula during religious and state holidays); the Museum collection (archaeological finds; international collections of mosaics, donated paintings, graphics, sculptures…).

Inevitable to taste: olive oil.

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