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Island Sušac (near Island Lastovo)

Airport and transport – airports in Split (around 110 km) and Dubrovnik (around 190 km).

History – inhabited in early Stone Age (by early seamen’s; many archeological artifacts found); inhabited during Roman time; mentioned in the Statute of Lastovo in 1310 (as part of Lastovo Island, that is the regulations of Lastovo were stand in here) and by travel writer J. Luccari in 1605.

Interesting to see: ruins of: Roman buildings, Romanesque church and church of St. Vlaho (15th century).

Info – small rocky island with pine forest and underbrush; opened to the sea without a proper port or shelter; name Sušac (on local language) means dry, because there are very little precipitation on the island; N coast consists of slopes and cliffs over 100 meters tall, but S side features a natural harbor; officially uninhabited (apart from lighthouse keepers and during summer descendants of former inhabitants which have weekend houses here and sometimes a shepherd with his flock of sheep); surrounding waters are rich in fish and famous for scuba diving (fishing and diving permitted only with valid licenses); coastline 16.38 km; sandy bays and rocky beaches; transparency of the sea somewhere goes up to 30 meters (after wind ‘Bura’); highest peak Sušac, 239 m; the lighthouse (built in 1878 by Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franc Joseph; on cape Kanula at a height of 100 m); many endemic species of flora (as Brassica cazzae) and fauna live on the island; beautiful hiking trails.

Inevitable to see: the view from the lighthouse.

For divers: there is a sea water lake in the cliffs (on the N side) that can be reached from the sea by diving through a cave at a depth of some fifteen meters (some movie scenes were shot at this location).

Inevitable to taste: from the lighthouse keepers: calamari, dentex, lobster, (excellent) white wine and roasted lamb.

Good to know: when seen from distance (because of optical illusion) it seems as though consists of two islands; from 2001 island is officially uninhabited (except during summer) but history had recorded up to 200 inhabitants on this small island; it is botanical pearl of the Adriatic (comprising 11 species; 8 endemic; where particularly stands up Sušac mustard, growing by the sea rock cracks); Susac is the only lighthouse where you can enjoy delicious roasted lamb.

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