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Islands Mrčara and Prežba (near Island Lastovo)

Airport and transport – far from Island Lastovo: Prežba (connected by bridge), and Mrčara (around 5 km); ferry and catamaran connection (from Ubli; Island Lastovo) to Split (around 140 km); airports in Split and Dubrovnik (around 140 km).

Info – forest are particularly dense on both islands; islands are part of the Nature Park (from 2006) of Lastovo archipelago.

Island Mrčera: inhabited only during summer; 90% of the area under rich forest and macchia; in some parts is pathless; one of the most dominant plants is rosemary; highest peak 123 m; coastline 7.798 km; pebble beaches; waters around the island are rich with lobsters; no electricity (aggregate); the rainfall is the main source of the water; organic farming (cattle breeding).

Island Prežba: only inhabited island of Lastovo archipelago (along with Island Lastovo); connected by bridge (through hamlet Podlenga) to (village Pasadur on) Island Lastovo; highest peak Jurjev vrh, 155 m; indented coastline of 14.23 km; numerous coves; on southern cape there is a lighthouse; there are undersea meadows (Posidonietum oceanicae) in coves of Velji and Mali Lago; waters around the island are the best fishing places for large sardines; mostly covered with maquis.

Where to go out: restaurant.

Inevitable to see:

Island Mrčera: photo safari in Mrcara resort; participation in night fishing with professional fisherman; instruction of traditional Dalmatian cooking.

Inevitable to taste:

Island Mrčera: lobster; fresh fish, crabs, shell fish; traditional meat dishes (from goat, chicken, mutton and game – all domestic and organic); home made: red and white wine, beer and domestic aperitifs (special domestic brandies: “travarica” (herb brandy), “orahovica (walnut brandy) and grappa).

Island Prežba: sardines.

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