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Islets Lastovnjaci (near Island Lastovo)

Airport and transport – Island Lastovo (around 9 km); ferry and catamaran connection (from Ubli; Island Lastovo) to Split (around 140 km); airports in Split and Dubrovnik (around 140 km).

Info – 13 uninhabited islets and rocky skerries; partly bare with grasslands and colonies of nesting seagulls; hiding numerous bays, (rocky, gravel and sandy) beaches; waters around islets are one of the fish richest areas of Adriatic Sea; transparency of the sea somewhere goes up to 30 meters; the islet of Saplun is the largest (coastline of 3.22 km) and its known for its sand coves; islets are part of the Nature Park (from 2006) of Lastovo archipelago.

Islets: Lukovci (3 rocky skerries; coastline 0.53 km); Štomorina (coastline 3.17 km); Kručica (with most dense vegetation; highest peak 69 m; coastline 3.21 km); Češvinica (partly overgrown with maquis; highest peak 46 m; coastline 4.71 km); Saplun (known for its sand coves; coastline 3.22 km); Arženjaci (2 smaller rocky skerries; Velji Arženjak, coastline 0.82 km and Mali Arženjak, coastline 0.79 km); Golubnjaci (2 stony islets; Velji Golubinjak, coastline 0.78 km); Tajan (2 rocky skerries; with colony of seagulls; Velji Tajan, has a lighthouse and coastline 0.7 km).

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